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Devoted practitioner of radical aliveness.


This is my story

Hi, I'm Lizzy Sinatra

Despite a mostly bright childhood, my core wound of feeling unlovable, invisible and unworthy from emotional abuse became main stories of my life. Negative thoughts, self-sabotaging behaviors from shame, debilitating depression and anxiety, and eating disorders were all expressions of this wound. I cycled through therapists and psychiatrists, longing for someone to have the capacity to relate to my depth of spirituality, the longing to understand my human experience, and for my mind to feel at peace amidst a chaotic, and often violent, world. I was touched by the grace of God to look within, and embarked on a journey through the inner trenches of my mind and suffering. In 2012, I experienced a dark night of the soul, and a subsequent awakening. I became intimately aware that I was able to not only venture into the dark depths of the human psyche - the shadow - to uncover the light within - but I could help others do the same (continue reading below).


In 2014, I traveled to Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga – to study ancient tantric energetic practices for healing and communion with spirit. Through kriya yoga to activate the energy system in my body, pranayama or breath work to facilitate expansion and the flow of life force, meditation to master thoughts, somatic movement to feel alive in my feminine form, and divine feminine awakening to reclaim my personal pleasure, power and peace, I felt liberated from the inner prison of mind and body, and free from the toxic feminine-shaming conditioning of our society. I continued to travel to India for two more years to complete my RYT500 and Master Level Yoga teacher trainings (RYT700). I also immersed in Ayurveda, “the science of life” and sister-science to yoga, to help heal my ovarian syndrome (PCOS). 

Over the last decade, I  have coached and mentored hundreds of individuals on their spiritual path, have created after-school programs for at-risk youth centered around empowerment and mindfulness, and spent several years teaching trauma-informed healing yoga at the Aurora Resilience Center, a trauma recovery center created in response to the Aurora Theater Shooting in 2012. I also spent several years doing trauma-informed yoga and coaching with men and women in recovery from substance abuse, homelessness, and criminal pasts.

My training & education includes:

-Master's degree in Behavioral Health from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

-Master-level Sattva Yoga Teacher (RYT200/RYT500/beyond RYT700)  in Rishikesh, India

-75-hr Ayurvedic Integrative Nutrition Training through Vedawise
-Death Doula/End of Life Doula Training through INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association)

Image by nibras al-riyami

My other passions

I enjoy a variety of hobbies including the Israeli self-defense system of Krav Maga, hiking, camping, fitness, high-vibrational nutrition and cooking, homesteading, and world traveling. I have owned my beloved horse, Rio, for over two decades and despite him being mostly blind, I continue to ride (and shoot arrows off of him) most days. I am also the Founder & CEO of Ayurvedic Protein®, the world’s first vegan protein powder products rooted in the ancient healing system or Ayurveda.


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