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Women's Intimacy

Be unapologetically
in love with your body.

For those who wish to reclaim their bodies as powerful and sacred, and explore intimacy and sensuality with ease, liberation and celebration. 


Together, we explore areas of shame, suppression and trauma, discover healthy communication around intimacy, and re-establish a loving relationship with your body.  We will lovingly take our power back from societal beauty standards and over-sexualization of the female form. We will work toward feeling safe in our body again.


For women looking for greater confidence, communication, connection, and comfort in their skin.

Sacred Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching in Asheville, NC

About this service

1:1 remote sessions to embody your sacred nature as a sensual being. Experience the liberation from healing shame and energetic wounding. 


No commitment. Perfect for new clients or those desiring a powerful once monthly session. Can be applied to packages below.

$700  ($175/session)

1 month commitment

One session per week (4 total). Ideal for when you are at the precipice of a personal breakthrough, and you’re ready to take that leap into transformation.


$1800 ($150/session)
3 month commitment

One session per week (12 total). Ideal for when you simply need a big change - and are ready to commit to a radical transformation in your life.


1 month commitment

Two sessions per week (8 total) and twice weekly check-ins between sessions to integrate sustainable change. Ideal for when you are craving radical spiritual support.


Your transformation

Through a combination of soulful inquiry, embodiment practices and spiritual guidance, we will identify where you may feel disconnected from your divine essence, and reignite your inner spark. We embark on a loving journey of safety, trust, and non-pressure to reclaim your power, wholeness, and pleasure. I provide the highest caliber of safety and non-judgement to explore the depths of your intimate relationships - especially the one with yourself.  Sessions are completely personalized and based on your comfort level . You will be fully clothed during our sessions. 

"It has been a joy to work with Lizzy on my personal growth and relationships, particularly with my wife. Lizzy has helped me become attuned to my emotions in ways I've never experienced. Every aspect of my life--physical, mental, social, sexual and spiritual--have been part of our exploration and my healing. Every time I think that there's nothing new to share, she helps me to see what I'm not seeing and how it affects me and how we can go deeper. We created a list of intentions at the beginning of the year, which I read every day, and have been amazed to see how they're becoming reality. I've been in men's groups before and studied the male archetypes, and she is helping me see them in a new light at a different stage in my life. She carries a font of wisdom. I can't imagine a better life coach."

John, 51


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