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Intuitive Horsemanship

Build an unbreakable bond

Intuitive Horsemanship is for those who crave a deeper connection, clear and loving communication, and communion of energy with your horse.  This is an intuitive way to problem-solve behavioral issues for horse and rider.  By focusing on the emotional and energetic connection between you and your horse, we can create a harmonious and trusting bond that will last a lifetime.

I don't believe in "bad horses." Horses are in a constant state of communication with their surroundings, including us. Most often, we don't understand what they are trying to say, and instead try and "fix" or "train" the horse out of what they are trying to communicate. We consciously and unconsciously project our mental thoughts, fears, patterns and trauma-responses on to our horses, and wonder why they aren't listening or have bad behaviors.  Once your horse trusts you with his whole heart, they will do anything (trailer, water cross, stand). But it takes commitment and communication to earn that trust. Yes, you too can have that indescribable connection with your horse. 

Intuitive & Natural Horsemanship in Ashevile, NC

About this service

1:1 in person or virtual session. You will receive personalized strategy & tools so you can create a healthy bond, learn to read energy, and interact with your horse on a higher level. 


Become confident with ground work and experience how groundwork translates to in the saddle through embodying leadership that allows your horse to trust you with their life. You will learn how to achieve and maintain a clear, confident, empowered mind as your horse’s herd leader and cultivate life-changing awareness about how your behaviors and energy impacts your horse and riding.

I will teach you powerful breathing techniques and meditations to take your riding and connection to the next level so that you feel confident with ground work and experience how groundwork translates on the saddle. I will also help you understand the root cause of behavioral issues and holistically healing, softening and evolving the horse beyond these behaviors.

Meet Rio

People always approach my horse, Rio, and I and ask us how we have such an amazing connection. They use words such as “wow, you two are a team…a unit...your bond in incredible.” They have also used words such as “union” “deep connection” “flow” “alignment” to describe how Rio and I interact. And it’s no secret: this has developed over two decades. But it wasn’t until I began mastering my own mind, energy, and behaviors that our bond really strengthened. 

I purchased Rio when I was 13, and our bond has survived cross-country travels, showing, trail rides in the wilderness, falls, spooks, injuries and everything in between. He just celebrated his 28th birthday, and we still ride 3-5 times per week. He shows no signs of slowing down, despite being completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. Through our energy and body language, we still can tackle most obstacles that non-blind horses can. I owe a great deal of our success to natural horsemanship, energetics, patience, and an open, compassionate heart.

Your transformation

Stand out in the show ring with your aura as you and your horse become energetically aligned. Experience dramatically improved behavior (horse and rider!) and become the empowered, confident, shining rider and horse owner you always wanted to become
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