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Spiritual Mentoring

Fall in love with yourself

We are all on the quest for more meaning, love, peace and connection in our lives. But sometimes our past - or fear of the future - gets in the way. Together, we courageously explore  the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that seem to stunt our capacity for openness, liberation and love. We enter the space of energetic alchemy to bring deep release and healing. This is multifaceted and layered work. Even if you are a healer yourself, you may desire high-caliber support since the journey into our emotional, physical, and spiritual being is infinite. 


Our work revolves around you and what is coming up for you.  Therefore, it may include a variety of personalized practices to allow the safe expression of emotions and releasing of stored trauma, bring healing to shame, revealing inner truths, and liberating the areas you may subconsciously keep imprisoned. Let's lovingly get you back to optimal alignment and wellness, improve longevity and the relationship with your mind, body and soul, and live and love from your power.

Spiritual Life Coaching in Asheville, NC

About this service

1:1 deep dive into the light and the dark, contraction and expansion, love and fear. Sessions are intuitively guided and may include a mix of: customized meditations, breathwork, kriya (yoga of electricity), somatic healing practices, non-judgemental and compassionate listening, non-violent communication...and a ton of laughter!

Supporting you through feeling stuck or lacking purpose ~ Depression or anxiety ~ Feeling like there is something else out there for you, calling you ~ Suffering from chronic pain/illness ~ Trauma healing

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No commitment. Perfect for new clients or those desiring a powerful once monthly session. Can be applied to packages below.

$700  ($175/session)

1 month commitment

One session per week (4 total). Ideal for when you are at the precipice of a personal breakthrough, and you’re ready to take that leap into transformation.


$1800 ($150/session)
3 month commitment

One session per week (12 total). Ideal for when you are done being small, and have run out of reasons to hold yourself back from living your true potential.


1 month commitment

Two sessions per week (8 total) and twice weekly check-ins between sessions to integrate sustainable change. Ideal for when you are craving radical spiritual support to up-level your current experience of life.


"I struggled the majority of my adult life with my self worth and finding happiness with who I am. It wasn’t until I worked with Lizzy that I saw myself in a different light. Lizzy helped me see that I am love and that life happens in the pauses."

Carla, 40


Take powerful steps to your optimal health, balance, and wellness to improve longevity and the relationship with your body and mind. Unleash your potential, jump into radical self-love, and liberate yourself into greatness.
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